• Vista da Fonte residential quarters
    Located at Santa Cecília (Espirito Santo, Brazil)
    Where modernity meets nature
  • Pontal dos Fachos
    Residential quarter
    The only one located in front of Manguinhos' coast
  • Audi Center Vitoria
    Project management, planning and control
    optimize the cost and the duration of the work.
  • Bodytech gym
    Flexible modalities of contracts
    Detailed proposals that provide confidence and transparecy
  • Biancogrês
    Industrial headquarters
    Actions for sustainability
  • Kurumá car dealership
    Mensal reportings of control
    Assuring transparency and control over resulties
  • Antolini
    Loyalty buliding. Assuring a good relationship with clients.
    Including re-examinations of the building after its conclusion.